Railway Interior Innovation Summit 2021

Railway Interior Innovation Summit took place in Berlin, Germany at the Auditorium Friedrichstraße on 9-10 November 2021.

Neil Bates, Director at Creactive Design Transport was invited to present a paper on battery powered trains and explored how design can help to tackle the challenges facing this industry as train manufacturers move to a low carbon economy.

Neil also gave a case study on the relationship between Creactive Design Transport and Vivaraila relationship and a case study for alternatively powered trains and how design has shaped the product. The paper explained how the value of design is embraced by this train-builder and why design may be a means to unlock the journey the industry faces as we move to a low-carbon economy. Operating low-carbon transport is only part of the challenge, removing carbon and cost during production is equally important, and taking this journey with the supply chain will be essential if we are to achieve a better outcome for manufacturing.