Fast Charging trail brings regular battery only rail service

Great Western Railway fast-charging trial brings regular battery-only rail services a step closer

Great Western Railway (GWR) has signed a deal with manufacturer Vivarail to trial new battery-charging technology on its network, paving the way for battery-only trains to run in regular passenger service in the future. The Class 230 Battery train which showcaes at the COP26 conference last year, which Creactive Design Transport extensively worked on will be used.  

The trial, supported by Network Rail, will take place on the Greenford branch line later this year and test Vivarail’s trackside fast-charging equipment in an operational setting for the first time.

The train has a range of up to 62 miles on battery power, recharging in only 10 minutes using the Fast Charge system in off-network tests.

When the train arrives at a station it connects automatically to the Fast Charge and the batteries receive charge while the train is prepared for its next journey.

Fast Charge is set to become the UK’s standard system for all types of battery train. Watch the video below which explains all.

Fast Charging